Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm

Automated Code Generation

See the Automated Code Generation section on our Testing, Debugging & Agile Methods page.

Blogs & Websites


Cairngorm Diagram

Cairngorm Diagram Explorer


Adobe Open Source Cairngorm Page

Cairngorm 2 ASDocs

Cairngorm 2.1 ASDocs

Cairngorm 2.1 Release Notes


Adobe Open Source Cairngorm Downloads page

Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions :: Google Code

Event & Command Sequences

Christophe Herreman :: Chaining commands in Cairngorm with Prana

Universal Mind Cairngorm has an EventGenerator class


Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.0

Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.1 :: Updated for Cairngorm 2.1 by Renaun Erickson

Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.1 :: Modified by Chen Bekor so that it uses stub BusinessDelegates and doesn’t require Flex Data Services :: The easiest version to get up and running quickly

Adobe :: CairngormLogin

Adobe :: Darren Houle :: CafeTownsend Multi-view contact management example

Alex Uhlmann :: Dashboard Example – “How Business Logic Can Manage Views” :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

Benoit Hediard :: PhonesCairngorm2 :: A Cairngorm 2 version of Ben Forta’s CF/Flex Phone Selector sample application

Chen Bekor :: ModifiedCairngormStore :: Uses mock delegates so that you can explore the example with a Java server, etc. :: Cairngorm 2.1 version :: Cairngorm 2.2.1 version

Derek Wischusen :: Issue Tracker Sample App :: Included in the Flex Ruby On Rails SDK :: Uses Cairngorm 2.1

Douglas Knudsen :: CMOrgChart :: More info

Evan Gifford :: The Cairngorm Diagram’s example code

Jesse Warden :: HTTPService & Cairngorm 2.2

Kevin Kazmierczak :: SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge

Nico Lierman :: Cairngorm Hello World

Renaun Erickson :: All in One – Cairngorm Store Example (ColdFusion, AMFPHP, AMFPHP 1.9, and WebServices)

Sam Shrefler :: Adobe Flex 2.0 + Cairngorm + Fluorine + ASP.NET

Sam Williams :: Flex Cairngorm code example

Flash Cairngorm

Robin Hilliard :: Write Your Next Flex Application – Using Flash :: (Cairngorm 0.95)

Robin Hilliard :: Flex/Cairngorm Sample Code Available :: (Cairngorm 0.95)


Victor Rubba :: Can Cairngorm and Modules play nice? :: Update

Victor Rubba :: Loading Multiple Independent Instances of a Module

Universal Mind Extensions

Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions :: Google Code

The Flex Show – Episode 41: Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions w/ Thomas Burleson

Gabriel Montagne :: Some notes on EventGenerator

Thomas Burleson :: Cairngorm View Notifications

With Rails

Daniel Wanja :: Cairngorm Generators

Derek Wischusen :: Flex Cairngorm/WebORB Issue Tracker Tutorial :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4


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