Primary Resources


BlazeDS on Adobe Open Source

BlazeDS Bug Database

BlazeDS Developer Guide :: LiveDocs ::  PDF

BlazeDS Forums

BlazeDS Source Code

Guidelines and tutorials for using BlazeDS with Flex Builder 3

BlazeDS in General

Anatole Tartakovsky :: A Quick Analysis of BlazeDS Offering

Brian Deitte :: What’s In Blaze DS?

Bruce Phillips :: Using BlazeDS to Connect Flex to A Java Class That Returns Data From A Database

Cahlan :: Easy Setup Guide for BlazeDS: Zero to hero in (less than) an hour with Amazon EC2

Christophe Coenraets :: BlazeDS: Open Sourcing Remoting and Messaging

Christophe Coenraets :: BlazeDS Release Candidate Available :: Includes screen shots of two sample apps included with this release

Christophe Coenraets :: Collaborative Data Entry with Flex and BlazeDS

Christophe Coenraets :: Google Maps Collaboration Using Google’s New ActionScript API, Flex, and BlazeDS

Christophe Coenraets :: How to use BlazeDS Remoting

Damon Cooper :: BlazeDS and LCDS: Channels, Channels Everywhere

Dusty Jewett :: BlazeDS + Flex, From a Java Newbie’s Perspective

Espen Dalløkken :: Just Blaze… getting started with Blaze DS :: Covers using Maven with a BlazeDS project, includes a sample application.

James Ward :: BlazeBench: Why you want AMF and BlazeDS

Marco Casario :: Passing connection-level credentials to the JMSAdapter of BlazeDS

Pete Farland :: BlazeDS Beta 1

Stephen Gilson :: Measuring Message Processing Performance in BlazeDS

Sujit Reddy G :: BlazeDS and LCDS Feature difference

Victor Rubba :: Working With BlazeDS Beta 1

Yakov Fain :: Breaking news for the Flex community :: Includes a nice diagram showing which parts of LCDS are included in BlazeDS


BlazeDS Download Page



Mike Nimer :: dpHibernate – Hibernate lazy loading with Adobe BlazeDS


Digital Primates :: dpHibernate :: “a custom Flex Library and a custom BlazeDS Hibernate adapter that work together to give you support for lazy loading of hibernate objects from inside your flex applications” :: More info


Aaron West :: The Truth About BlazeDS and Push Messaging

Christophe Coenraets :: How to use BlazeDS Messaging

Zee Yang :: BlazeDS Message Channels


Charlton Barreto :: Using Flex, BlazeDS and Spring

Christophe Coenraets :: Using BlazeDS with Spring

Sam Williams :: BlazeDS with Spring

Sebastien Arbogast :: Flex, Spring and BlazeDS: the full stack!


Mykola Dzyuba :: Testing Remote Data Services with FlexUnit

Mykola Dzyuba :: Using FlexUnit for Stress Testing


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