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October 14, 2008

About Desktop Applications


Christophe Coenraets :: AIR-to-Desktop Drag-and-Drop: Two Simple Utility Classes

Christophe Coenraets :: Real Time Market Data using Apollo and Flex Data Services

Christophe Coenraets :: SalesBuilder on AIR: Local Database, Data Sync, and Native Drag-and-Drop

Christophe Coenraets :: SQLite Admin Application for AIR

Christophe Coenraets :: SQLQueue: Chaining Asynchronous SQL statements using the AIR database access API

Daniel Dura :: Apollo Multi-Window Support using Flex

Mike Chambers :: Introducing Adobe AIR beta 3

Theo Hultberg :: A Simple Solution For Parallel Development In Flex And Apollo

Theo Hultberg :: Using Dependency Injection To Simplify Parallel Development In Flex And Apollo

Todd Prekaski :: Building Flex and Adobe AIR applications from the same code base


Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide ::  Downloadable PDF version

Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide ::  Downloadable PDF version


Christophe Coenraets :: New MDI-style Trader Desktop with Flex and Apollo

Daniel Dura :: TwitterCamp

Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm

Marc Hughes :: TempFileUtil :: More info

Mike Chambers :: Ascension Media Player


AIR Forum

ApolloCoders Mailing List


Rich Tretola :: AIR AlertWindow Component (Toast Style)


Adobe Labs :: AIR 1.0 Beta 3 Release Notes

Adobe Labs :: AIR Developer Center

Adobe Labs :: AIR Developer FAQ

Adobe Labs :: AIR Docs

Adobe Labs :: AIR Wiki Entry

Sean Moore :: AIR CheatSheets


AIR Download Page


AIR Derby Winners


eBay’s “San Dimas” Desktop App :: Download

Christian Cantrell :: Sample AIR applications

Rob Christensen :: Six must-see Adobe AIR sample applications

Stan Schroeder :: The 10 Coolest Apollo Apps


Daniel Rinehart :: User experience considerations with SQLite operations

Video Presentations

Mike Chambers :: Getting Started with Adobe AIR on Linux (Video)